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Vintage Hungarian noodle cutter from the 1950's


40,00 $

36,00 $

Manufacture date: 1950's

Estimated delivery time: 15-20 days

The price is for 2 pieces

Length: 7.08 in (18 cm)
6.69 in (17 cm)
5.11 in 13 cm)

This old pastry wheel was very popular in every villager kitchen. This wheel was used to cut the layer of dough during making of different pasta shapes.

The pasta wheel was mainly used for traditional hungarian roly-poly making. Grandmas rolled out the raw pasta on a wooden pastry board then they put small plum jam dumplings keeping about 2 cm space among the sweet heaps. Then the second outstreched pasta slab layered onto the jam dumplings. The two pasta layers has to be squeezed and finally cut the out. Using of this pastry wheel provides funny wavy edges. After a few minutes cooking they were rolled into toasted bred crumbs. 

These dumplings filled with plum in hungarian language called "derelye".

This pastry wheel is vintage from the 1950s, therefore it is used, worn and there is a small rust patina can be found on the wheel what is made from copper. The swallow is very ornate made from hard wood.
The pie cutters best days are gone but it is still beautiful.

Thus I do not recommend it for original purpose but it could be a very well gift for those ones who keen on vintage kitchen utensils and tools and perfect for antique villager shabby interior. 


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My item arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. After some issues with delivery, Hungaryantiques went above and beyond to accommodate and assist me with making sure I got my item and was very prompt with responding as well. Thank you for everything!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!