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Roshen Cherry Queen Cherry Liquor Chocolate 192 g/6.78 oz


25,00 $

22,50 $

Manufacture date: 2020's

Estimated delivery time: 15-20 days

Product description:
Cognac cherries - Dark chocolate alcoholic-cherry chocolate.

Sugar, Cocoa mass, Alcoholic cherries 12%, Cocoa butter, Glucose syrup, Ethyl alcohol, Emulsifier (soy lecithin), Flavor, Coating ratio not less than 45%, Alcohol content not more than 5% (V / m)

The product may also contain nuts, peanuts and milk powder!

The secret of the unique liquid cream under the chocolate cover is that the alcoholic sour cherry comes into reaction with the fondant cream, and liquefies it. As a result of the mechanized production since 1964, procedure happens in reverse order: chocolate-barrel is shaped at first, and then sour cherry and alcoholic cream are filled into it.

The most well-known, machine-made cherry praline with permanent fine quality has been called Cherry Queen since 1996.

Cherry Queen is the most popular Hungarian praline brand, the favourite alcoholic praline of Hungarians. It’s no wonder because this traditional praline that was renewed from time to time symbolises more than Hungarian pride. Disregarding of age, gender and occasion it offers a wonderful experience for everyone. As a gift, it shows respect of tradition and appreciation of the person we give it to.


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My item arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. After some issues with delivery, Hungaryantiques went above and beyond to accommodate and assist me with making sure I got my item and was very prompt with responding as well. Thank you for everything!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!