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PORCELAIN Hungarian Enamel baby bath from the 1930's


300,00 $

270,00 $

Manufacture date: 1930's

Estimated delivery time: 15-20 days

Height 33 in/ 84 cm
Width 40 in/ 101.6 cm
Length 18 in / 46 cm
Weight 40 lbs.

1930s antique enamel porcelain baby bath with stand - makes a great planter, great for parties (stands fold up).

These enameled porcelain baby bathtubs from Eastern Europe (many from Hungary) are too cute to pass up!

The tubs sit on tall folding metal stands, some of which have been painted. 

Some tubs have drains at one end, others do not. 

Those that do will sometimes the drain will have a spigot, but given the age of these tubs, the valves on the drains are sometimes missing and even when present, may no longer work. 

A quick trip to the hardware store can fix them, though, and then they are ready for use! 

Often showing their age, these tubs have chips in the enamel with rusty iron showing through, but that’s what makes them so beautiful!

Decorative Uses:
Filled with ice, these tubs look so cute on the porch!
You can also use them as planters in the garden for bright-colored annuals…
You can also used one as an unexpected display on your front porch!
Indoors as planters to add some vintage charm to your space
We recommend bedroom, garden party, wedding decor


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My item arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. After some issues with delivery, Hungaryantiques went above and beyond to accommodate and assist me with making sure I got my item and was very prompt with responding as well. Thank you for everything!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!