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Vintage Hungarian Kalocsa hand embroidered floral pattern pillow case


42,00 $

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Manufacture date: 1980's

Estimated delivery time: 15-20 days


20.47" x 13.77" (52 x 35 cm)

Hungary Kalocsa Hystory: Girls and women embroidering personal garments with intricate motives has a long tradition in Kalocsa. In the 19th century, this became an industry. The better off and aspiring Hungarian middle classes, imilarly to others in Europe, wanted nicely decorated garments and linen for themselves and their homes. Embroidery, cutwork, were favourite ways of making every-day garments more appealing. In the towns and villages around Kalocsa, the local folk motives were favoured. And so, from the 19th century, embroidery became a traditional employment for women in the Kalocsa region.

Later, the women themselves drew the motives and patterns onto the material, which by this time included fine linen and cotton. After 1890, the cutwork in the patterns was increasingly filled in by flat stitches. From 1912, yarns with fast colours became available, and Kalocsa embroidery started becaming colourful after the 1st World War. With the availability of sawing machines, a separate industry of machine embroidery developed in Kalocsa which is known as Richelieu embroidery.

This form of embroidery makes the surface of the material resembling lace. The fame of the colourful Kalocsa embroidery was greatly elevated by the work of the well known local folk artist, Mrs Kovacs, Ilus Kiraly. Traditional Kalocsa embroidery (often cutwork) on bed and table linen and undergarments was originally white because fast coloured yarns were not available.

From the early part of the 20th century, Kalocsa embroidery became colourful. There are peculiar local names for the colours used - "tulip", "flame", "wine", "goose green", "envy yellow", "swallow-neck red" "dove blue" and "velvet blue", to mention but a few.


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My item arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. After some issues with delivery, Hungaryantiques went above and beyond to accommodate and assist me with making sure I got my item and was very prompt with responding as well. Thank you for everything!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!



Fast delivery well packaged, cannot wait to install. Thank you!