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TOP 3 decoration and renovation ideas for 2021

TOP 3 decoration and renovation ideas for 2021

When the new year comes, most of us have a checklist or ideas in our head, about what we would like to change in our life and around us. Many of us start a diet, start living a healthier lifestyle, and many of us start renovating or redecorating the interior of our house.

If you are amongst the later, this article about 3 great ideas for freshening up your home, can be a great help.

1. Enamel bucket wall sink

An absolutely charming addition to your garden or home for that shabby, chic style is an enamel wall sink. It can be a great addition to your modern, loft or even barn style house, since it’s such a versatile decor element. A huge renovation is not needed to change your current sink to this bucket version. Our product was made in the heart of Europe, in Hungary, where these sinks have a great liking audience. We have several to choose from.

2. Dough bowl

Sixty years ago, families have used these products to provide a snug, warm place in which bread could rise prior to baking, nowadays, it’s a huge customer favorite to decorate the dining room table, the entrance hall or even store nice treasures beside the fireplace. Our dough bowls have a story to tell, they were hand carved more than 60 years ago, from old wood. Click to check them out!

3. Vintage kitchen scale

Counter space is a problem in most of the homes, but if you can free up a few inches, you should… This 1950’s vintage kitchen scale from Europe is worth it. Charming rustic, industrial decor, which can be perfectly displayed in your kitchen, bakery or restaurant. Vintage condition with expected marks, since it’s been manufactured more than 70 years ago. You won’t run into this scale in any of your friend’s houses, that’s for sure. Take a look at our scales.