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Best Goulash of your life

Best Goulash of your life

1. Cauldron for cooking outside

The Goulash in Hungary is traditionally cooked outside, with fire crackling under the cauldron. The smoke of the wood gives the Goulash an extra special taste. For this, you will need a stand also. If you can’t cook it outside, the enamel cauldrons can be used on stovetops too. Make sure your pot is made from good materials, like iron. Such as this one, in our shop.

2. Hungarian paprika

The Hungarian paprika is like no other. This spice brings your Goulash to life, so don’t even start your cooking without some traditional hungarian paprika.

3.The recipe

The Goulash is not a complicated dish to prepare. You just need the right ingredients and some helpful tips from our Hungarian ancestors. Here is our favorite way to make this national dish.


2-4 lbs beef shin (depending on how meaty you want it)

3 onions

3 cloves of garlic

1 hot pepper

2 tomatos

2 lbs potatoes

4 carrots

2 parsnips

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tbsp hungarian paprika

0.5 cup red wine

2 tbsp fat

8.5 cups water

salt, pepper


Chop up the onions into small cubes and start cooking it on the fat. Cut the meat into smaller pieces (you can do this beforehand for practical reasons) while the onions cook down.

Add the chopped up tomatoes, hot pepper and garlic to the onions. When all is glazy, remove the bowl from the heat, add in the paprika and stir it all together. Removing the bowl is important so that the paprika won’t get burnt. Now you can add in the meat and put it back to the fire and brown the meat a little bit.

After this, add as much water, which just covers the mixture, add the salt, pepper and cumin. Boil all this together and add the goulash cream if you have any. When it’s boiling, add the rest of the water. (It depends on you, how soupy you want it)

When the meat is cooked halfway, you can add in the vegetables chopped up: potatoes, carrots, turnips. From now on, you have to be patient, because it takes time for the vegetables and meat to become tender. In the last 5 minutes of cooking,

+1 tip

You can find a special condiment in our store, called Goulash Cream, which can be added to your soup, for an extra flavorful dish.