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About the antiques

Hungary Antiques is a wholesale company where wholesalers, traders, hoteliers, restaurateurs, decorators, prop managers of theatres or the film industry can find, look at and purchase any objects people have ever used or will use from the retro items of the 60's, Vintage Style to old utility items or rustic furniture more than a century old. Our company has been dealing with finding, restoring and selling antiques for more than 5 years. We offer our customers, coming from all corners of the world, a range of products ever widening according to their needs.Thanks to our many years of experience, our trained specialists restore, refurbish or even remodel every product we have found according to the wishes of our customers. Our range of goods, which includes all the old treasures of the Carpathian Basin, is so widespread that we are now supplying markets of almost all continents to meet the needs of our international customers.